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In line with the deregulation of gas and electricity, the water market has now been de-regulated. We here at The Utilities Group are able to negotiate the best quote for the water supplies for your business.

Businesses now have the option to switch suppliers for free. The water is still supplied and treated by the wholesaler, Scottish Water (Business Stream), through their network of pipes, and sold on to customers by the retailer.

The introduction of competition has helped to drive efficiency in the industry and provide service and cost benefits to customers. We are a Scottish based company providing Scottish water services to Scottish customers.

Same Water – BETTER PRICE!

When it comes to switching suppliers, it shouldn’t be complicated, and we make sure it isn’t. We have developed a streamlined transfer process to validate your supply points.

Not only is water deregulation proving to be good news for business, it’s great for the environment too. Since it was introduced in Scotland it has led to more than 28,000 tonnes of carbon savings.

To start making savings contact us to have our industry commercial comparisons system confirm your yearly spend and guaranteed savings.

We also offer savings on Green Renewable Energy for your business

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Business Water Rates Savings | The Utilities Group – In line with gas and electric, the water market has now been de-regulated.

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