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Business Solar Energy Savings

What is Solar Energy, Solar PV or Photovoltaic Panels

Solar PV uses the free natural energy of light (solar radiation) to convert daylight into electricity. This process replaces the need to your electricity companies electricity which at the same time reduces energy bills with free energy from the sun.

To convert light into electricity a system called Photovoltaic (or PV for short) is used, the system generates electricity by using daylight on silicon solar cells normally located on your roof.

With our range of PV solutions you can enjoy the following benefits

We work with Scotland’s leading Installers of Solar PV panels who having fitted thousands of Solar PV panels throughout the UK.

Generate Your Own Electricity
Panels Guaranteed for 30 Years
Systems Fitted in a Day
Free site survey and quotations

When the electricity generated by the silicon solar cells is not being used, it can be sold back to your energy supplier then taken back from the national grid when there is no daylight and you have a demand for energy. Silent and virtually maintenance free, it produces clean electricity helping to protect generations to come.

We also offer savings on Green Renewable Energy for your business


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