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Pellets – An environmentally friendly & CO2-neutral fuel

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Thousands of satisfied clients all over Europe. You can easily save money with every biomass heating system. Reduce your annual heating costs and your heating workload.

Pellets are made from 100% natural wood without any additives. Tonnes of wood waste materials are produced every day in regular wood-processing industries all over Europe.

Business Bio Mass Savings

The advantages for homeowners and industrial companies are obvious:

  • Lower costs than oil or gas
  • Crisis-resistant, because of locally sourced fuel
  • Short transportation
  • Easy refueling through blown pellet delivery
  • Dust-free, odourless refill
  • Small storage volume
  • Effective and energy-efficient heating system

Therefore, pellets are an outstanding fuel for heating systems compared to fossil fuels like oil & electricity

How Does biomass measure up against traditional fuels?

Biomass boilers are favorable in terms of running costs vs natural gas, heating oil

The numbers can all be seen in the table below.

Fuel Type Price per Unit kWh per unit Pence per kWh
Wood Chips £100 / tonne 3,500kWh / tonne 2.9p / kWh
Wood Pellets £200 / tonne 4,800kWh / tonne 4.2p / kWh
Natural Gas 4.8p / kWh 1 4.8p / kWh
Heating oil 60p / litre 10kWh / litre 6.0p / kWh
Electricity 14.5p / kWh 1 13.4p / kWh

Figures courtesy of BEC

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